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In our Trading Room, we highlight opportunities in the market and use proper risk and trade management to minimize risk, increase rewards and tackle drawdowns.

Our Trading Room is updated daily, with setups being posted after the New York Session.

We also update our results after every setup/trade so you can keep track of our progress as well as your own. These updates will also serve as a good way to review your trades.

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An essential to any aspiring trader, our course and educational material offers you months of backtesting results all compiled into one. You will understand how price reacted to certain zones in the past and use that to your advantage in the volatile markets.

Our collection of backtesting results is regularly updated as we dedicate our weekends to provide more material and results for you to learn from. Our ever growing library will be essential to your success as a trader.

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trading room results

June 11th - June 15th

11th June 2018: Price is ranging in a flag, will be looking for a bullish breakout. Trading opportunity comes in the form of a buy stop above the flag. Stops go below the lowest low of the flag and target is 60 pips. Good risk/reward of 2.4.

A more conservative entry would be to wait for a retest of the flag, however you risk missing out on the setup.

Update: price retraced and almost stopped us out but we’re currently +22 pips up.

Update: stopped out for a -25 pip and -1R loss.

11th June 2018: Bearish bias for this pair. Looking for a bearish breakout and trading opportunity comes in the form of a sell stop below the channel price is ranging in. Stops go above high of channel and target is at the bottom trendline. Good risk/reward of 2.4

Update: We were about +50 pips up but price retraced towards our entry. Still in the trade and will be looking for price to make a lower low.

Update: Target hit for a profit of +70 pips and +2.8R!

12th June 2018: Selling opportunity due to supply zone. Will wait for price to enter zone and set a sell stop below. Stops go above highs, and target is back down at previous lows.

Update: price did as expected, entered our supply zone and triggered our sell stop below the zone, currently +20 pips up.

Update: currently +32 pips up and running.

Update: unfortunately got stopped out for a -25 pip loser. Still a positive week!

12th June 2018: Selling opportunity in orange zone which is structure. Sell limit goes at the top of the zone, stops above highs. Not too impressed with the risk/reward of 1.67

Update: price triggered our sell limit and is currently hovering around our entry.

Update: currently hovering around entry, about +7 pips up.

Update: fundamentals pushed price towards our TP for a nice +50 pip winner! 

12th June 2018: Price currently ranging in a descending triangle. Looking for a bullish breakout. Will be waiting for retest of structure before buying. Good risk/reward of 2.

Update: price broke out as expected, almost hit TP but retraced towards entry. Still in the trade, currently about +12 pips up.

Update: price spiked up and hit our target for a nice profit of +50 pips, +2R!

AUDJPY -25 pips (-1%)
AUDUSD +70 pips (+2.8%)
USDCHF -25 pips (-1%)
EURGBP +50 pips (+1.67%)
USDJPY +50 pips (+2%)

Total for this week so far: +120 pips (+4.47%)