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We highlight opportunities in the market and use proper risk and trade management to minimize risk, increase rewards and tackle drawdowns.

Our Trading Room is updated daily, with setups being posted during the New York Session.
Setups posted are focused mainly on harmonic pattern and supply/demand analysis.

proprietary software

Never miss another harmonic setup with Polygon, our proprietary trading software designed to revolutionize the way Forex traders trade harmonics.

We've studied software similar to Polygon and we've refined and improved everything, from the user interface to the way patterns are drawn on your chart.

All our features combined truly is a trading experience like no other.

1-on-1 sessions

Members are entitled to FREE 1-on-1 sessions with our team on Skype, where you will be able to discuss any trading-related concerns you might have.

Building a system/strategy and need some feedback? Book a free session with us.

Looking to backtest your Forex strategy? We’ll do it with you.

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