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Our vision: to be an industry leader and a premier resource for traders looking for quality and honest setups.

Our mission: strive to provide quality setups and education through transparency of our results.

meet the team

Nazri Nordin

Nazri is a conservative trader who tries to catch tops and bottoms as much as possible. His trading style is comprised mainly of supply and demand zones.

Supply and Demand 95%
Structure Analysis 85%
Advanced Pattern Analysis 90%
Elliot Wave Theory 60%

Marco Concato

Marco is an aggressive trader who is based in Milan. He prefers trading the mid-longer timeframes. His analysis emphasizes a lot on Elliott Wave Theory and flag breakouts.

Supply and Demand 65%
Structure Analysis 80%
Advanced Pattern Analysis 85%
Elliot Wave Theory 95%

Syabil Anwar

Syabil is the long term trader here, choosing to focus his supply and demand analysis on the daily and weekly charts. He also combines the art of harmonics in his analysis.

Supply and Demand 80%
Structure Analysis 90%
Advanced Pattern Analysis 85%
Elliot Wave Theory 60%

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