a trading experience like no other

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daily live trading room

On June 6th, we’ll be adding a new feature to your membership. Join LIVE trading sessions with our team of professional traders. 

Watch as we highlight opportunities in the market and use proper risk and trade management to minimize risk, increase rewards and tackle drawdowns.

We will be trading from a new live and verified account to show you how you can improve your portfolio with these trading techniques.

introducing polygon

Never miss another harmonic setup with Polygon, our proprietary trading software designed to revolutionize the way Forex traders trade harmonics.

We’ve studied software similar to Polygon and we’ve refined and improved everything, from the user interface to the way patterns are drawn on your chart.

All our features combined truly is a trading experience like no other.

Course material

An essential to any aspiring trader, our course and educational material offers you months of backtesting results all compiled into one. You will understand how price reacted to certain zones in the past and use that to your advantage in the volatile markets.

Our collection of backtesting results is regularly updated as we dedicate our weekends to provide more material and results for you to learn from. Our ever growing library will be essential to your success as a trader.

refine your system with 1-on-1 sessions

Members are entitled to FREE 1-on-1 sessions with our team on Skype, where you will be able to discuss any trading-related concerns you might have.

Building a system/strategy and need some feedback? Book a free session with us.

Looking to backtest your Forex strategy? We’ll do it with you.

everything you need in a membership

Live Trading Room

Join our team on Monday, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 1500-1600 GMT for live trading sessions.

Live Coaching

Interactive group Q&A sessions every Monday at 1500-1600 GMT.

Backtesting Results

Don't have time to backtest? Review our library of backtesting results across different strategies.

Proprietary Software

Trade harmonic patterns the profitable way with our proprietary software, Polygon.

Archive of Recordings

All sessions will be recorded for future reference.

Public Trading Room

Join our team on Sundays from 1530-1630 GMT for live trading sessions.


$ 37
  • Live Trading Room
  • Full Access to Polygon
  • 1 on 1 Sessions
  • Access to Course Material